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The site was launched during November 2015.

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All of Uri's writings is here - books, pamphlets, hundred thousand words - in Hebrew and several other languages.
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Website team

Neora Shem Shaul: Define and design of data structures and visual templates, programming and content editing
Eran Vered: Media manager and Uri's right hand in technology.
Reviva Tal: OCR specialist, flip books content manager.
Ilay Sofer: Programming, Nimrod Keret: consulting.
Documensite: scanning the books and issues
Thanks to Igal Rapaport for help in the logo design

The website was created by neora.com – specializing in multilingual and textual websites, promoting the concept of Open Source and Open Contents, licensed with Creative Commons. The project included scanning all the printed materials, OCR the texts to HTML formats that are displayed in flip design and uploaded with accompanying galleries and documents. Texts are tagged in few ways, to enable filtering of the search through them, and are carry related links to audio and video items, historical and updated items.

Creative Commons License
* Some of te texts are not yet proofread, but one can alwatys follow the original printed pages online

מלחמה או שלום במרחב השמי בשדות פלשת 1948 הצד השני של המטבע המנשר העברי צלב הקרס העולם הזה 2/9/1964 העולם הזה 15/9/1964 העולם הזה 22/9/1964 העולם הזה 30/9/1964 העולם הזה 7/10/1964 העולם הזה 14/10/1964 Israel Without Zionists מלחמת היום השביעי 1 מול 119 ISRAËL SANS SIONISME ISRAELE SENZA SIONISTI MON FRERE LENNEMI Mein Freund, der Feind אויבי, אחי Wirtragen das Nessos-Gewand לנין לא גר פה יותר Zwei Völker Zwei Staaten Die Jerusalem Frage CHRONIQUE D'UN PACIFISTE ISRAELIEN PENDANT L'INTIFADA Ein Leben für den Frieden אמת מול אמת In den Feldern der Philister Israel's Vicious Circle 1948 Judenstat oder Israel Truth Against Truth Outro Israel Israel im Arabischen Fruhling אופטימי