Selected documents (in various languages) from Uri Avnery private archive


[1971] PM Golda Meir’s statement in the Knesset that she is ready to mount the barricades in order to remove Avnery from the Knesset


[1974] Note from Said Hamami telling Avnery that he came to visit him in his hotel in London when he was absent. At this stage their conversations were secret.


[1975] Avnery’s letter to Prime Minister Rabin requesting a meeting in order to report on a secret conversation he had with the PLO representative in London, Said Hamami.


[1976] A year before Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem, a letter Avnery sent him, on Kanzler Bruno Kreisky’s advice, asking him for an interview in Vienna as a political gesture. Kreisky sent the letter through his diplomatic post and volunteered to transmit an answer. There was no answer.


[1976] Cable to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on 15.6.76 demanding the appointment of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry following killings on the Land Day


[1977] Letter to Sadat after his historic visit in Jerusalem asking him for an interview with Avnery in Cairo

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[1978] (6 pages)

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[1978] Letter to all Members of the Knesset demanding the dismissal of Chief of Staff Raphael Eytan because of his part in the Daniel Pinto affair - the killing of prisoners.The real purpose was to go around censorship and make the matter public in Israel and abroad. As a letter of a Member of the Knesset, the letter enjoyed immunity. (2 pages)


[1978] Cable from PM Menachem Begin to Uri Avnery denying allegations


[1980] Letter by PM Begin denying that Meir Kahana was inciting to murder.



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[1980] False Laisser-Passer issued by the Moroccan Embassy in Paris at the request of King Hassan II in order to enable Avnery to come and meet the king (2 pages)


[1981] Avnery’s resignation from the Knesset


[1981] Appreciation letter of Knesset Chairman Yitzhak Berman upon Avnery’s resignation from the Knesset


[1981] zeevi


[1982] Letter by the government’s legal advisor Yitzhak Zamir informing Avnery the decision not to open criminal proceeding against him following his meeting with Yasser Arafar


[1985] Answer of the President of Israel Haim Herzog to Avnery’s suggestion that on the Day of Remembrance for the fallen soldiers each Israeli family put a lighted candle in its window


[1986] aba even


[1986] Avnery’s apology to Abba Eban for using a sentence coinhed by Eban


[1986] Letter by President Haim Herzog after his dinner with Avnery at the President’s residence, and a reaction to Avnery’s request that the President intervene personally to stop the humiliation of Arab citizens at Ben-Gurion airport


[1986] A confirmation letter from President Herzog concerning the treatment of Arab citizens at Ben Gurion airport


[1988] Rosh Hashana greetings from Ehud Barak (after long conversation between them in the Deputy Chief of Staff’s office)

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[1989] Invitations to Dan Ben-Amotz’s farewell (from life) party (2 pages)


[1990] Thank you letter by Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz concerning an interview with him published in Haolam Hazeh


[1995] Note passed by Ahmad Tibi to Avnery in the course of a conversation with Arafat. Avnery was about to ask Arafat to sign a petition

מלחמה או שלום במרחב השמי בשדות פלשת 1948 הצד השני של המטבע המנשר העברי צלב הקרס העולם הזה 2/9/1964 העולם הזה 15/9/1964 העולם הזה 22/9/1964 העולם הזה 30/9/1964 העולם הזה 7/10/1964 העולם הזה 14/10/1964 Israel Without Zionists מלחמת היום השביעי 1 מול 119 ISRAËL SANS SIONISME ISRAELE SENZA SIONISTI MON FRERE LENNEMI Mein Freund, der Feind אויבי, אחי Wirtragen das Nessos-Gewand לנין לא גר פה יותר Zwei Völker Zwei Staaten Die Jerusalem Frage CHRONIQUE D'UN PACIFISTE ISRAELIEN PENDANT L'INTIFADA Ein Leben für den Frieden אמת מול אמת In den Feldern der Philister Israel's Vicious Circle 1948 Judenstat oder Israel Truth Against Truth Outro Israel Israel im Arabischen Fruhling אופטימי